The Quorum Bundle

There will always be great technology that can deliver tangible and measurable business benefit, unfortunately, that technology is not always accessible or easy to implement. At Quorum, we believe in simplicity. We love to make technology easy to implement and easy to use.
This is why we created the 'Quorum Bundle'.

There are three ingredients to our bundle:

  • Quorum Network Services - Saves money and PSTN connectivity
  • Session Border Controller / Gateway - Security, connectivity and local control / DR*
  • Microsoft Office 365 - Full MS Office and licensing for Skype for Business



Quorum Network Services

In its most basic configuration, Skype for Business only allows communication with other users of Skype for Business. In order for Skype for Business to fulfill the function of a traditional phone system, it must have connectivity to the public telephone networks (PSTN). This can be in the form of SIP, ISDN or analogue trunks. Our Quorum Network Services Team provides this connectivity. Quorum Network Services also provides massive cost savings, typically providing 40-80% savings on international call spend. The networks we recommend are of the highest quality, are very easy to connect and there's no change to user behaviour; no annoying codes that rarely get used.


OFFICE 365 and Skype for Business

No need to buy and run your own expensive servers, no need to hire Microsoft engineers and no need too manage complex upgrades. Office 365 provides all the of the familiar MS Office products (Word, Excel, Exchange, PowerPoint, etc.) on a per user, per month pricing model; both cloud versions and full-functionality desktop versions. 

Skype for Business is part of the Office 365 suite of software products allowing IM, voice calls, video and web-conferencing. No need for separate phone systems with cumbersome integrations to outlook. No need for $300 handsets, simply use your mobile phone - whether in or out of the office, all communication will come to your Skype for Business client. Of course, some people still like a desk phone or conference phone; that's not an issue with the usual manufacturers providing the handsets. 

This is true collaboration in an affordable, easy to use and simple to run package.


In order to deliver successful projects each and every time, our team uses the Skype Operations Framework. The Skype Operations Framework is a multi-faceted approach to the successful deployment of Skype for Business, incorporating four key elements that have customer success firmly at the center.


Audio Codes (Gateway and SBC)

The AudioCodes Gateway and Session Border Controller provides the secure access to the public network or PSTN. This connectivity is required when you need to contact someone outside your Skype for Business community or dialing emergency numbers.

Fortunately, the Skype for Business community is growing every day, not only can you communicate (IM, voice, video and conferencing) with your colleagues who use Skype for Business, you can also connect with other users of the technology outside your company. Free calls for everyone.