Transforming Collaboration

We believe technology should make our lives better but, very often, it is simply an added complication that never really lives up to the hype.

We take the best ideas and greatest technologies, and make them simple to use.

We are focused on two key areas;

firstly, we want to quickly and simply remove unnecessary cost;

secondly, we want to provide the tools which will transform the way in which companies communicate; internally with their colleagues and externally with their customers.

Fixed. Mobile.

 Network Services

Network Services


Network Services
Simply Saving Money

Companies are dramatically over paying for their network services - fixed, mobile and internet costs.
Quorum now provides a high quality, low cost, easy to implement and useful alternative.
It's a simple question - do you want to save money?


Why are you only just finding out?

Even though the telecommunications market was deregulated many years ago, it is still dominated by the well established monopolies with good services but high prices. In response, cheap, low quality alternatives with annoying dial codes were introduced that no one really liked. 

This left a massive gap in the market which, up until now, wasn't serviced. Quorum provides savings of 20-70% whilst making it incredibly simple to implement and even easier to use - just dial as normal.


Easy to implement, easy to USe. Really?

We believe in Simply Innovative technologies. However innovative the solution, it won't be used, if it isn't simple to use. It takes one engineer visit to implement our network savings and Quorum pays for that visit. There's no change in user behaviour; the users keep picking up the phone and dialling numbers in the same way. There are no annoying dialling codes or PIN numbers.

The only change is a lower phone bill.


How we do it?

Before even trying our services, we like to know how much we can save you. Our consultants, analyse your existing bills and we can tell you exactly now much money you can save. Typical savings are:

Fixed Line - 30 to 70% savings
Mobile -  20 to 40% savings
Data / Internet - 20 to 50% savings

When you are happy with the savings, we migrate your service to Quorum.

"The traditional phone system is dead!!! Apart from lack of awareness, I can't think of a single reason why a company would buy a legacy, IP PBX."

Skype for Business is Microsoft's collaboration platform. Although in development for more than a decade, the technology has at last come of age. At its most basic, it can be considered Microsoft's Phone System (PBX) using Microsoft's Cloud PBX; however, it's ability to offer voice, IM, web-conferencing (Microsoft's PSTN Conferencing) from any device, any where on a simple, pay as you use model, sets it apart from any competition. 


In order to deliver successful projects each and every time, our team uses the Skype Operations Framework. The Skype Operations Framework is a multi-faceted approach to the successful deployment of Skype for Business, incorporating four key elements that have customer success firmly at the center.

Our Partners

The success of our proposition is supported by world-leading, technology vendors.


Microsoft is the largest software company in the world and has been leading the world in technology innovation for the last 40 years. Not only do they dominate the desktop software market, they are now the leading supplier of communication and collaboration technology with their Skype for Business product suite.



AudioCodes manufacture the world's leading voice gateways and Session Border Controllers - both of which are critical to our Skype for Business and Network Resell proposition. 


CITIC Telecom

CITIC Telecom is the biggest and best kept secret in the telecoms world. They are part of the CITIC Group of companies, one of the largest conglomerates in China. CITIC Telecom are in the top 20 global telcos and top 3 in APAC.

We work with CITIC because they offer great products with amazing quality at fantastic prices. As a CITIC partner, we sell voice, mobile and data networks.

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